Krittika Nakshatra

Fire of truth and inspiration

I am Krittika.
I am fiery, concentrated, discerning and enlightening.
I light the fire of clarity and integrity.
I dispell the darkness of ignorance.
I reveal the true form of all things.
With the blessings of Agni, Divine fire, I give you the power to discern and see the truth clearly.
I am the Divine mediator between heaven and earth.
I have the power to translate the light of inspiration into language.
Agni, the god of fire, can bless us with the light of self-knowledge and clarity, but in his lower octave he can also ignite in us the burning fire of passion and desire.
There are different types of fire in nature. There is the fire of passion, which awakens a burning, irritating sensation within us, a temporary lack of fulfillment. There is the creative fire, which utilises its warmth to bring something new into life. There is the fire of hunger, that wants to consume. And then, there is the fire of self-knowledge, which dispells all the darkness of ignorance and transforms us in its heat. Agni symbolises all the manifestations of fire element in our inner and outer universe, rajasic, tamasic and sattwic. As rajasic fire, he gives us the power to create and awakens within us ambition and sense of will power. As tamasic fire, he awakens desires within us and the need to consume. As sattwic fire, he wants to refine us in the flames of knowledge and transform us, so the light of the soul can shine more through us.
Dwelling partially in the sign of Aries (head of Kalapurusha, Spirit of Time), and partially Taurus (face of Kalapurusha), Krittika nakshatra inspires us to bring more light of truth and integrity into our lives – and to make the light of our inspiration shine through us and manifest into the world. It connects what is in our head and mind with our self-expression – thus blessing us with creative power, eloquence and communication skills. It helps us to translate our idea into the material world, connecting fire and earth, as well as heaven and earth, above and below. It also makes us more aware of the true desires of our soul. As Moon is exalted in Krittika nakshatra, when it is dwelling here, it confronts us with some truths about ourselves, so we can understand ourselves and our desires better – and so our self can become refined in the fire of self-knowledge.

Divine and shadow qualities

Krittika nakshatra and Agni

Agni presides over all forms of fire. He is the fire that brings light, and at the same time the fire that burns. He is the fire of spiritual progress, and at the same time the digestive fire hidden within us. He is the fire of spiritual zeal, but also the fire of hunger and uncontrollable passion. It only depends on you, how are you going to harness this inner fire and where are you going to direct it.

Divine qualities

  • focus
  • clarity
  • inspiration
  • truthfulness
  • precision

Shadow qualities

  • anger
  • sharp tongue
  • inconsideration
  • overindulgence
  • impulsiveness

Krittika Nakshatra In-depth

Discover the secrets of Krittika nakshatra in this more than 3.5 hours long session with 8 study cases and detailed knowledge of the symbolism and secrets of this lunar mansion. Along with the access to course recording you will also receive +35 pages of pre-read material, 20 charts for study and visual charts.
1. Deep insights into Krittika Nakshatra
On this course you will learn about such details of Krittika Nakshatra and its presiding deity, Agni, which you never heard on any other course. I can promise you that. On this course we dive deep not only into the wisdom of the nakshatra itself, but we also have a close look at the anatomy of the nakshatra, with its 4 unique padas and special degrees. You will also learn about various yogas formed with Krittika Nakshatra.

2. Spiritual aspect of Agni
Spiritual aspect of the nakshatras was always most fascinating for me. Being on spiritual path for more than 12 years, I was always asking myself a question, what the Moon is trying to teach me, when it passes, day by day, through each nakshatra, awakening its dormant shakti. A spiritual approach to the nakshatras and seeking their deeper wisdom in everyday life is what makes my nakshatra classes unique and quite different from others.
3. Practical approach to understanding the nakshatras
I believe that knowledge can gain its real value only once we learn how to apply it. Each of our classes completes with a detailed analysis of chosen study cases, so you can learn better, how the shakti of the nakshatra can manifest in people’s real lives. After each class you will also receive at least 20 study cases for self-study, so you can start observing some patterns and feel more confident in noticing the influence of the nakshatras.

Divine influence

Devata: Agni (fire-god)
Shakti: dahana shakti – power to burn
Basis above: to create heat
Basis below: to create light
Desire: to be the eater of food for gods
Planetary ruler: Sun

Special degrees

Placement: 26:40 Aries – 10:00 Taurus
Yogatara: 6:00 Taurus (3 pada)
Moon’s exaltation: 3:00 Taurus (2 pada)
Moon’s mulatrikona: 4:00 – 20:00 Taurus (2, 3, 4 pada)
Pushkaramsha: 1 pada and 4 pada
Visha nadi: 3:20 – 4:13:20 Taurus (3 pada)
Amrita nadi: 8:40 – 9:33:20 Taurus (4 pada)


Tattwa: fire
Gunas: rajas – rajas – sattwa
Nature: mishra (mixed)
Gaze: adho-mukha (facing down)
Gana: rakshasa (demonic)
Varna: brahmin (priest)
Gender: male
Motivation: kama (fulfillment)

Symbolism and omens

Animal: male goat / sheep
Symbol: razor, blade, sharp instrument

Omens: fire, oil lamp, homa, goat, sheep, peacock, Sun, burns, hunger, ayurvedic herbs, delicious food, burning sensation, fever, pain in the stomach, indigestion, East direction, knife, razor, hiccup, sore throat, eye issues, display issues, cuts, temple of Kartikeya

Body connection

Tridosha: kapha
Body part: hips, loins, crown of the head
Chakra: vishuddha (throat chakra)

Healing tree: udumbara

Resonance with weekdays

Monday: shobhana yoga + nasha yoga
Tuesday: sarvartha siddhi yoga
Wednesday: sarvartha siddhi yoga
Thursday: utpata yoga + yamaghanta yoga
Friday: sri yoga
Saturday: amrita yoga

Most supported activites

  • Speaking out the truth
  • Studying Vedas
  • Learning mantras
  • Starting education
  • Doing translations
  • Going on a pilgrimage
  • Performing fire sacrifice