Magha Nakshatra

Detachment and responsibility

I am Magha.
Within me I carry the wisdom from previous lives and generations – from Pitris, Divine Ancestors.
I remind you that you are much more than this body.
You are a free spirit, soul, connected to all other souls, through a subtle energy field.
You are never separate or alone.
Your actions, words and thoughts impact everything and everybody around you.
Right now, in the present moment, you become the ancestor of your future and your reality.
Pitris, the Divine ancestors, solar pranic energies, which assist us on our journey from body to body and remind us about our eternal connection to continuum of life, encourage us to become more detached, and responsible in our contribution to life.
Pitris, the Divine ancestors of higher realms, remind us about the same Divine roots, which all of us share as humanity. They remind us about the universal spiritual essence, which continues to live and travel through the universe even after the death of the body, from life to life, until it reaches final emancipation. Through this Divine spark, and through those Divine roots we are all connected – and with this realisation comes acknowledgement of our responsibility and duties towards this material world, which we should fulfil both with devotion and detachment. Because in this very present moment, through each of our thoughts, actions and words, that contribute to shaping the future, we become the ancestors of our own and this world’s future, too.
Magha nakshatra, bringing release after intense energies in Ashlesha, inspires us to seek spiritual freedom from material bondages – but at the same to honour our roots and stay responsible towards the world that we come from. Because detachment, without respect to our eternal connection to continuum of life, can be destructive, too. Moon in Magha inspires us to honour this sacred connection instead of trying to get isolated it from it or running away from it – as illusion of separation can make our ego become too strong, too. And Moon in Magha can frequently become too proud or isolated. This lunar mansion, dwelling in the center of zodiacal third eye chakra, teaches us how to, first of all, get detached from our ego identity and to become more selfless i our thoughts, words and actions.

Divine and shadow qualities

Magha nakshatra and Pitris

Pitris, Divine Ancestors, teach us to step back for a moment and take a more detached look at our life. They reveal to us that not everything is on our control – but at the same time remind us, that we should take a good care of that, which is in our hands. After all, we are the ancestors and co-creators of our own reality. Detachment can help us perform our actions better, but should not lead us to escapism, running away from duty or laziness.

Divine qualities

  • power
  • detachment
  • responsibility
  • guidance
  • respect

Shadow qualities

  • pride
  • insensitivity
  • escapism
  • laziness
  • short temper

Magha Nakshatra In-depth

Discover the secrets of Magha nakshatra in this almost 4 hours long session with 9 study cases and detailed knowledge of the symbolism, anatomy and secrets of this lunar mansion. Along with the access to course recording you will also receive +30 pages of pre-read material about the symbolism of Pitris, Divine ancestors, presiding deities of this lunar mansion plus 20 charts for study and visual charts.
1. Deep insights into Magha Nakshatra
On this course you will learn about such details of Magha Nakshatra and its presiding deity, Pitris, which you never heard on any other course. I can promise you that. On this course we dive deep not only into the wisdom of the nakshatra itself, but we also have a close look at the anatomy of the nakshatra, with its 4 unique padas and special degrees. You will also learn about various yogas formed with Magha Nakshatra.

2. Spiritual aspect of Pitris
Spiritual aspect of the nakshatras was always most fascinating for me. Being on spiritual path for more than 12 years, I was always asking myself a question, what the Moon is trying to teach me, when it passes, day by day, through each nakshatra, awakening its dormant shakti. A spiritual approach to the nakshatras and seeking their deeper wisdom in everyday life is what makes my nakshatra classes unique and quite different from others.
3. Practical approach to understanding the nakshatras
I believe that knowledge can gain its real value only once we learn how to apply it. Each of our classes completes with a detailed analysis of chosen study cases, so you can learn better, how the shakti of the nakshatra can manifest in people’s real lives. After each class you will also receive at least 20 study cases for self-study, so you can start observing some patterns and feel more confident in noticing the influence of the nakshatras.

Divine influence

Devata: Pitris (ancestors)
Shakti: tyaga kshepani shakti – power to leave the body
Basis above: crying, mourning
Basis below: leaving the body, falling
Desire: to flourish in the world of ancestors
Planetary ruler: Ketu

Special degrees

Placement: 0:00 – 13:20 Leo (fire, tamas)
Yogatara: 6:00 Leo (2 pada)
Sun’s mulatrikona: 1:00 – 10:00 Leo (1, 2 and 3 pada)
Visha nadi: 6:40 – 7:33:20 Leo (3 pada)
Amrita nadi: 12:00 – 12:53:20 Leo (4 pada)


Tattwa: fire
Gunas: tamas – rajas – rajas
Nature: ugra (fierce)
Gaze: adho-mukha (downward facing)
Gana: rakshasa (demonic)
Varna: shudra (worker)
Gender: female
Motivation: artha (accumulation)

Symbolism and omens

Animal: male rat
Symbol: throne, palanquin, royal chamber

Omens: lion, grave, funeral, ancestors, old people, crown, throne, palace, rat, palanquin, star, luxurious thing, car, out of the body experience, banner, mountain peak, eagle, father, banyan tree

Body connection

Tridosha: kapha
Body part: nose, lower lip, chin
Chakra: anahata (heart chakra)

Healing tree: banyan

Resonance with weekdays

Sunday: yamaghanta yoga + nasha yoga
Monday: shobhana yoga
Tuesday: amrita yoga
Wednesday: amrita yoga
Thursday: amrita yoga
Friday: kana yoga + nasha yoga
Saturday: shubha yoga

Most supported activites

  • Meditation
  • Introspection
  • Healing
  • Learning mantras
  • All transactions
  • Pilgrimage
  • Wearing new ornament